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The Broward County you see now is very different from what it was initially. The region is now lined with sky scrapers, beautiful vegetation, and well-manicured lawns. In the 1900s, the region was inhabitable. The Industrial revolution in the 1900s brought good news. The railway was constructed and Napoleon Bonaparte Broward helped change the swampy land into a place where people could construct their houses. The swamp became a place where residential property was constructed and people began engaging in agriculture. This led to a surge in the population and the county became the second most populous county in all of Florida. One of the attractions in the county is the warm climate all over the year. Air conditioners were invented during the industrial revolution and have also contributed to the growth in this county.

Air conditioning: How it made development possible?

The area enjoys warm temperature throughout the year but during the summer, the temperatures reach an all-time high which makes it easy to work in the office or enjoy the comfort of one’s home. It’s almost unimaginable to survive without an air conditioner in Broward County. The climate helps attract tourists, some of whom end up being residents in the county but they would have left immediately were it not for the help of air conditioners which make spaces habitable.

Are you paying attention to your air conditioners?

People stopped seeing air conditioners as a luxury but a necessity decades ago but most people don’t care for their HVAC systems as they should. They neglect it until it stops working or it doesn’t work ideally. When you don’t regularly service your air conditioner, it increases the spending on repairs, parts replacement, replacing the entire air conditioner and monthly bills. What you need is a reputable air conditioner service company to cater to all your air conditioner needs.

Choose Pembroke Pines AC Expert

We are the one-stop shop to all things air conditioners. We have experience spanning over two decades and we have in that time serviced different types of air conditioners from different brands. Our qualified personnel have dealt with many types of problems with air conditioners which makes us the best company to cater for your air conditioner needs. We have invested in modern technology and we only hire competent personnel who are willing to work round the clock to ensure all your problems are solved.

The best solutions delivered

The increase in the uptake and subsequent use of air conditioners has led to an increase in the number of companies offering air conditioner needs. Some end up overpricing their services and don’t live to their word of delivering quality services. Here at Pembroke Pines AC Expert, we keep our word; we don’t promise on something we cannot deliver. Integrity is at our core and before embarking on replacing parts, we try to repair them first. Our personnel work on a 24/7 basis and will only leave once they’ve tackled all issues with your HVAC system. Our customers are our top priority and we want to help them save on their electricity and repair costs. That’s why we provide maintenance services to ensure your air conditioner works efficiently and caring for the environment by reducing release of harmful gases into the environment by poorly working air conditioners. We have quick response time on average arriving within 30 minutes.

Our services are available within the following cities

Pembroke Pines

What are some of the services we provide?

  • Pembroke Pines AC Expert Pembroke Pines, FL 954-372-0314Installation of new HIVAC systems.
  • Repair of worn out parts and cleaning of the air filter.
  • Repairing poorly working air conditioners.
  • Regular maintenance.
  • Advise on the improvement of indoor air quality.
  • Round the clock emergency services.
  • Commercial and residential air conditioner services.
  • Fixing leakages.
  • Laying out ducts.

For residents of Broward County looking for an air conditioner company you can trust, visit us at our offices or give us a call on 954-372-0314 and we’ll come to you.