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ACs are one of the most overused appliances during peak summertime; therefore, timely maintenance is a must to offset the drawbacks of excessive use. Unfortunately, most residential and commercial clients don’t pay much heed to maintenance and think of it as a useless and ungainly expense. But this is where they are completely wrong. Just like putting off your car service can increase the risk of sudden breakdown or lead to performance issues, skipping routine maintenance of your AC can cause sudden failure or component malfunction. Imagine your air conditioner stops working on a hot afternoon or in the middle of a humid night. Sounds bad, doesn’t it? Don’t wait for the unexpected to happen. Call Pembroke Pines AC Expert on 954-372-0314 and choose a budget-friendly AC maintenance plan now!


Air conditioners, like all other machines, undergo depreciation with time and lose their operational efficiency until they can function no longer. But timely maintenance and routine fixes can preserve the health of your AC and add more years to its life. While most property owners in Pembroke Pines, FL choose to remain ignorant towards this fact, you must make the right decision and call our experts to figure out the right maintenance plan for your air conditioner.

Here's an illustrious example of what happens if you do not opt for maintenance:

A few years ago, we received an early morning call from a local company requesting urgent AC repair. The firm was holding its annual general meeting that day and could not risk inviting all its stakeholders to a place with a non-functional AC. We dispatched an emergency team immediately to assess and resolve the problem. Our team discovered that central their AC unit was in such a poor condition that it was almost on the brink of complete failure. The ducts and filters were choked with dust, components dilapidated, and the motor capacitor burned out. Luckily, our experts managed to fix all the issues and restore normalcy just in time. But had the firm invested in a proper maintenance plan with experts looking after their ACs on a routine basis, they would have avoided the situation and the high cost of sorting it out.

The takeaway: Neglecting your AC for a long period of time would result in either of the two things – a complete and total breakdown or a costly repair job. Had the firm tied up with an AC service partner for timely maintenance, such a situation would never have arisen. Moreover, the cost of a maintenance plan would have been far cheaper than the amount they ended up spending on last-moment repairs.


Do you want to replace your air conditioner even before it completes its lifespan? Will you be happy to dole out an exorbitant amount of cash for a hefty repair job? If not, then call us now and ask for an AC maintenance plan for your home or business.

With Pembroke Pines AC Expert, you get:

35-point diagnostic evaluation: We offer an annual/ bi-annual 35-point evaluation for a thorough evaluation of the system for any discrepancies.

Transferable contract: Have you moved out and want to continue your contract at the new property or do you wish to leave it for the new tenants/owners? With easily transferable contracts, we’ve got all scenarios covered.

Discounted service calls: Availing a maintenance plan is not just a smarter option, but a cheaper one as well. Any call you make, pay just the fraction of the usual cost.

Prioritized emergency service: Unexpected breakdown? Need a middle-of-the-night repair job? Call us any time of the day and we will get there in 20 minutes or less, anywhere in Pembroke Pines, FL area!

Subsidized repairs and parts: We provide all parts or spares at a price much cheaper than the market rate. Plus, if we bump into any issue during the checkup, we will fix it at a subsidized rate.

A plan that’s cheaper, faster, better – what more do you need! Call us now on 954-372-0314 and choose an AC maintenance contract that’s right for you!