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Every business owner has a responsibility to ensure a comfortable work environment. And considering that air conditioning is more of a necessity than a luxury during the sizzling summer months, a faulty AC unit could spell disaster for any business. A sudden breakdown of the central air conditioning unit on a hot afternoon is a nightmare any business manager would hope to avoid. Furthermore, an improperly-fitted AC unit that uses up excess power can push up operational costs significantly and is clearly a loss-making investment. When it comes to your commercial ACs, compromise is clearly out of the question; therefore, you must rely only on upon tried and tested expertise of Pembroke Pines AC Expert. We are a first-rate service firm in the Pembroke Pines, FL that offers prompt and efficient installation, repair, and maintenance services for HVAC systems.

With a phenomenal track record, an ever-expanding client base, and solid experience of over 20 years, we are one of the best commercial HVAC service firms in the Pembroke Pines, FL. Be it offices, hotels, IT firms, multiplexes or any other commercial establishment, we serve all types of commercial AC needs at a budget-friendly price! So, call us on 954-372-0314 without hesitation!


ACs used at residential properties are much smaller in size and capacity compared to their commercial counterparts. Here are some of the major differences between home and commercial air conditioners:

1. Size: Since commercial areas are much larger than homes, a single-room air conditioner would hardly make any difference. The units used in commercial spaces must be so installed that they are able to cover a large area and offset the heat emanating from more number of people. Setting up such units require specific expertise and a certain level of technical skill

2. Complexity: Setting up an AC system at a commercial space is a very complex process which requires a thorough assessment of the entire property, laying out the ductwork, figuring out ventilation outlets and more. Only a professional service firm with prior experience can handle such delicate tasks.

3. Cost: Investing in any AC unit – be it for residential or commercial purposes – is an important decision. But the stakes are significantly higher when it comes to a commercial AC as these are highly co-dependent, integrated units. Of course, the cost of installing such systems is comparatively high.

Only trained experts like Pembroke Pines AC Expert can understand the complexities that entail commercial HVAC systems. 


Consultation: The ultimate aim of any business would be to keep the work environment comfortable so that the employees can function at their maximum potential. An AC that is below the standard size would fail to cool the entire premises while an extra-large unit would result in hefty power bills. Our experts can help you choose an AC that is best for your business.

Installation: Whether you need an integrated network of split ACs throughout your commercial property or a centralized cooling system, we have got it all covered. Our experts can carry out any type of installation as per the requirements of the client and execute the cooling needs of an organization to perfection.

Repairs and maintenance: Why pay a hefty sum to local technicians each time you run into trouble with your air conditioner? Choose from our smart maintenance plans for your commercial HVAC system and never worry about repair and maintenance again. We offer routine maintenance which involves thorough cleaning of the ducts and provide subsidized repair service for all AC-related issues.

Your search for a reliable commercial HVAC service in Pembroke Pines, FL area ends right here! Call Pembroke Pines AC Expert now on 954-372-0314 and avail our wide range of services!